The school will be held during 12-15 Jun 2018.

The program will be finalized soon. The topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Essential cryptography for virtual currencies
  • Introduction to Bitcoin: the protocol, the transactions, the network and its block chain
  • Scaling Bitcoin, the debate, the offchain solution with payment channels and Lightining Networks
  • Trust and Reputation in the age of blockchain
  • The intersection between technology and law. Compliance for the blockchain companies.
  • Software Engineering methodologies for blockchain-based application development
  • Introduction to Ethereum: the transactions, the ecosystem and the smart contracts
  • Introduction to Solidity and web3 interface.

Link to the program here

During the school, some hours will be devoted to hands-on sessions and the attendees will participate to a development contest against a challenge selected by the scientific commitee.

During Jun, the 15th a full day event will be held at the Auditorium and open to a larger audience. During the event we will have as speakers Dr. Paolo Tasca from UCL and Turing-award laureate Silvio Micali from MIT.

Speakers and Lectures




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